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Illuminate Red LED 

Possible Contraindications

  • Sensitivity to light – epilepsy (pulsing), migraines brought on by bright light

  • Use of photosensitizing drugs  

  • Suspicious lesions or skin cancer – refer to physician

  • Clients who are being treated for any type of serious health condition or who are pregnant should seek the approval of their personal physician before undergoing new treatment of any kind 

Senescent Cells

seh-NEH-sent sels

As we age and are exposed to more and more external stressors, certain cells can become senescent, meaning they stop multiplying.
These dysfunctional cells release chemicals that trigger inflammation, weakening the function of nearby healthy cells and inducing or accelerating visible damage to the skin, including wrinkling, loss of volume and elasticity, discoloration, thinning of the skin, and more.
By targeting senescent cells, Linder Health peels not only reduce visual damage, but improve the long-term health of the skin.

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